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Full Decent   Image Manipulation and Design Suite


The project seeks to ease the development of multi-dimention media generation in end-user products. Currently, the project wishes to support BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, PICT for two-dimentional output. Also it will be able to use GIF, MNG, QT, AVI, MPEG, RA, PICS and file-arrays for time depth clips. Not in the scope yet, but as room for scaling, are VRML, QT3D for the interactive dimention. And by the completion of this project would be the introduction of a game-like, time-based, interactive and consequential-based (5-d) modeling language. All modeling as of now is based on XML ... continues at background.shtml


Currently, this project is into the 4-th dimention. Sorry, no releases yet, but I'll have them soon.
2D output:
3D output: 4D output:


The project tries to allow for complex data structures to be rendered into lower dimentions as point-of-view based reductions. This would allow for a 3-dimentional cube to be shown in two dimentions, from a given point as a hexagon (or wire frame 12-lined object). The project also escalates that that a 5-dimentional environment can be shown in 3, with 2 of user input. It is the belief of the project's creator that visual-based events can be perceived across a variable number of dimentions, smoothly. ... continues at background.shtml


Implementatoin is very easy, this is, partially, the implementation for a simple 2d gradient:
   for (int y=0; y<hei; y++)
      for (int x=0; x<wid; x++)
         image.setpxl(x, y, double(y)/hei*255, double(x)/wid*255, 0);
   SAVE_BMP(image, "FDfract1.bmp");
Here's a cube:
... yes folks, it's that easy
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